Top 10 Most Luxurious Sex Toys

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Welcome to KinkPage! Ever wonder what sex toys the rich and famous use? Here at Kinkpage we’ve narrowed down the most luxurious sex toys on the market.  Thanks for joining us.  If you're rich enough, maybe you can afford one of our Top 10 Most Luxurious Sex Toys.

The Royal Pearl

#1 Luxury Sex Toy

Cost: $1,000,000

Where to Buy:

Our number 1 most luxurious sex toy comes to us from Australian designer Colin Burn.  His toy, the Royal Pearl, fetches a one million dollar price tag. It Features a lavish diamond and sapphire encrusted shaft that sets it apart visually from other toys in its class.  With a Pearl multi-function button, this vibrator will make you feel like Game of Thrones royalty. You won’t find this exclusive sex toy on Amazon or Target. Prospective buyers can view his ‘Treasure The Erotic’ exhibition, featuring The Royal Pearl in LA this August.

JKing Cobra

#2 Luxury Sex Toy

Price: £160,000-£180,000

Where to Buy:

The JKing Cobra isn’t just any old cock ring. It’s a solid platinum cock ring that has been individually handcrafted by a British Silversmith.  If it doesn’t adder up for you to spend this much but still would love the feel of an extra snake in your pants, Velv’or have a solid silver option for only €10,000.  Velv’or boast that The JKing Cobra cock ring can be worn all day. While fit for active use, this expensive sex toy will also rattle your bones in the bedroom. This premium cock ring gives the tightest grip around your cock and balls.  It’s known to massage your perineum and gives men a stronger erection and a more powerful orgasm. For the price tag, this cobra is sure to caress your balls better than Kobe Bryant.

Inez by Lelo

#3 Luxury Sex Toy

Cost: $15,000

Where to Buy: or

Tease, thrill, and treat yourself with this 24k Gold plated Inez vibrator by Lelo. The Lelo is known for having 8 pleasure functions that pulse in different rhythmic patterns. The luxury vibrator’s golden curves will send vibrations directly to your G spot. Want proof that the Lelo is fit for royalty?  It’s reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z are proud owners of this luxurious vibe. The King and Queen of music must be crazy in love with this luxurious vibrator. Perhaps you can join them by owning your own Lelo Inez vibrator. Can your bank account handle this much pleasure?

You can conveniently buy this expensive vibrator on Amazon.  Perhaps you can even leave a cheeky review for all of us once you’re done using the product and get a good handle on it.  People like EES0001 “leave real reviews” and are here to make sure we don’t throw our money away. We appreciate their good work in defending the filthy rich vibrator space.

Amazon Review for Inez by Lelo

Amazon Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

"I would recommend setting number 3"

January 6, 2016

"I initially bought this to go with my black pearl anal beads. Nothing that is worth less than $15K in an hour touches my botoxed and Brazilian waxed lady bits. I would recommend setting number 3, 'super gyrate', where I can actually feel the monetary equivalent of some east European nations quake my shiny, taunt labia, but playing with it on any setting is usually enough to get my 87 year old oil tycoon husband off, with of course, a 100 milligrams of viagra.

The only reason I gave it a four out of five stars is the user manual. At first, given the description of 'dildo', I assumed it was simply a gold plated stick that I use to poke myself. This was confusing when I came across the 39-page downloadable PDF user manual on the company's website. In an effort to keep pace with the ever-changing lexicon of the sex-tape filming American aristocracy, I've now adopted the word 'dildo' to mean anything that vibrates in three or more settings."

Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator by Coco de Mer

#4 Luxury Sex Toy

Price: $13,000

Where to Buy:

The Neil Pleasure Seed Vibratory by Coco de Mer is unique in stature.  The model is unlike anything on the luxury vibrator market and looks like a Chinese fortune cookie,  With the way it looks, this little thing is sure to bring you good fortune in your sex life.  At a meer $13,000, this 18k gold plated vibrator puts its unique design to good use.  It can be positioned to surround and vibrate your clitoris or nipples.

Yva by Lelo

#5 Luxury Sex Toy

Cost: $3,900

Where to Buy:

Yva is another 24ct Golden vibrator by Lelo.  The luxury sex toy is known to stimulate all of your external erogenous zones. The Yva vibrator is fully rechargeable and comes with 8 different functions.

You’re probably wondering why there are so many gold sex toys.  The answer isn’t just luxury. Gold is highly conductive metal that can retain temperature for a long period of time. Heat up or cool down your Yva vibrator for optimal pleasure. When you’re getting hot and steamy, it can be quite enjoyable having a cold, golden vibrator up against your clitoris.

Lelo Luna Beads Luxe

#6 Luxury Sex Toy

Cost: $3,090

Where to Buy:

The Luna beads are 20-kt gold beads designed primarily for masturbation.  They can also be used in sex with a partner or even kegel exercises. The rubber coating allows the balls to swirl quietly inside you.  That means users can cheekily wear these on the move. The tether enables you to use these for anal play. You wouldn’t want to lose $3,000 worth of gold up your anus would you?  Fortunately the Lelo Luna Beads Luxe are 100% waterproof. You’ll find these capabilities a must have. After all, you’ll likely get wet from the very thought of using these.

Earl Prostate Stimulator by Lelo

#7 Luxury Sex Toy

Cost: $2,590

Where to Buy:

Lelo’s Earl 24ct golden prostate stimulator is made specifically for the kinky gentleman. The male sex toy has a ring pull and anatomically designed curves.  This royally named toy is sure to stimulate your prostate with the treatment of kings. The Earl also comes with 24ct gold cufflinks. With this pleasure packer, you can sip your post-orgasm Earl Grey tea in style like a true British Nobleman.


#8 Luxury Sex Toy

Price: $1,495

Where to Buy:

The Sybian is designed to give you the ride of your life. You may have seen one of these when watching ExCoGi.  It’s one of the few amateur porn sites that knows how to unleash power of the Sybian orgasm. The Sybian has many vibration and rotation combinations.  The device also comes with several attachments that vary in thickness and length. This vibrating machine can be used for female or male masturbation. This is one of the few sex toys on the list that was originally created to be used by couples. Enjoy the ride.

AHH Fornicoture Fuji Glass Dildo

#9 Luxury Sex Toy

Price: £750

Where to Buy:

AHH’s Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo looks like it would be perfect for the Dothraki in Game of Thrones. The umber glass dildo appears as though it could have been formed by Queen Daenerys’ Dragon fire.  This dragon glass will be more pleasurable for you than it is for the White Walkers!

Serving as both a dildo and a whip, the AHH’s Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo is a multipurpose sex toy.  The versatility is sure to stimulate your senses. The premium sex toy’s leather whip is made from kangaroo hide and braided by the Queen of England’s own whipmaker. We had no idea that the Queen could be so kinky! For those who prefer a bit of bdsm pony play, this whip can become your tail.  

There are many kinks that can be fulfilled by this luxury sex toy.  When you combine utility with “affordability”, it’s no surprise that this dragon whip of sorts made the KinkPage Top 10 Luxury Sex Toys list.  We know that any and all of our Game of Thrones porn fans would love a taste of this luxury.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace by Crave

#10 Luxury Sex Toy

Price: $69-$149

Where to Buy:

Looks can be deceiving.  You normally wouldn’t notice the Vesper vibrator necklace from Crave. The moderately expensive and subtle vibrator doubles as a piece of fine jewelry.  You can now have a discreet orgasm no matter where you are!

The necklace is available in 24k plated gold, rose gold or silver. The Vesper has 4 speeds  with 2 modes. They’re all designed to be whisper quiet. Some of our most kinky readers will enjoy taking this quiet vibrator for a stress relieving orgasm bathroom break. We all know an orgasm is the best way to reduce stress! This perfect gift can even be bought from Amazon. Personalize your necklace with a sweet or naughty message for only $10.

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