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KinkPage has always aimed at achieving an environment of equality.  Our family of brands has always maintained a firm stance on being safe for work (SFW) yet also cool.  We have always had some of the very best free trial porn deals in the business. We pride ourselves on it.  Kink.Page is the reason that Str8chaser and Bromo offered the first free porn trials in gay porn. We beat up our friends at each site until they relented. 

This site has been the reason that thousands of you have sampled HD and 4K porn without paying for it.  With Kink.Page, you often are able to find exclusive deals for 7 days free. It’s so much more than that to us though.  Let me explain and thank you for hearing us out. We’ve always appreciated your attention. The search, shares, and love for us have been flattering.  We love our jobs and will always fight for it. Here’s why. 

Kink.Page Identity and Brand Mission

As a sexual abuse survivor, I will always take serious responsibility over my role of being your literal porn and kink watchdog.  I think it’s important that we all have a Saint Jude. I certainly am a patron of lost souls. This hasn’t always been a life that made sense.  I often took to the internet for my identity. It’s rewarding that it’s such a big part of my life now.

It’s an inconvenient truth, but I was watching porn as early as 7 on a big pink block Imac.  Some of you are still watching that quality on the regular free porn tubes. Isn’t that why you’re here?  

I remember when my mom (my Mom and step-dad didn’t have anything to do with it) found and my premature interest on their browser history.  What an embarrassing moment at the time. It defined me for a while and I was ashamed of my sexuality and what had happened to me. I didn’t know it then, but that moment of adolescence defined me and how I was going to grow as a professional.  It’s pretty amazing to look back after all of the healing and find the purpose that was meant for me. This site has been one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever built. What is better than influencing equality on something that is taboo and frowned upon?  What is better than telling people with a megaphone that YOU ARE OK AS YOU ARE!

My passion for equality and acceptance has driven me from the beginning.  With weird kinks I once struggled to satisfy, I came to know a lot more than most about porn.  At the time it was what made me feel ok with myself. Now I use that knowledge and a knowledge of the web to spread the word of equality.  I know that’s the case for millions of people. ⅓ of the internet is porn traffic. Statistics don’t lie. We’re clearly not satisfied because we’re struggling to talk.  

It turns out that people in the industry I’m in will even try to stop you from talking.  They don’t care at all about equality. All they care about is money, power, and influence.  Scary stuff. It’s clear that many have lost their way.

In a wild west world, the setting is difficult for the adult industry.  I know how it is not to trust anyone, especially shady entities. Trust has always been an issue because of what I went through as a kid.  It’s why we take our role in this space so seriously. In this world we have sexual kinks that matter. It’s ok to go to a porn site to fulfill them.

Since the brand took its first steps in April of 2018, it has always had the same goal: Make people feel comfortable as they are.  Porn, sexuality, pleasure, and kink can be a sensitive topic. In an internet age, we found the market severely underserved. The leaders in porn reviews hardly ever say anything without racism or crass.  We’ve always felt that you, the general public reading this, deserve better than what has become the standard. You deserve to be taken seriously. You deserve to be fought for. I think it’s safe to say we know what that’s all about, especially after this week.

At the end of the day, no one takes this industry seriously besides.  The Kink.Page family of sites may be the only one that truly aims to protect you.

Who Writes and Edits Kink.Page

It’s tough to trust when you don’t know who’s writing something. We’ve been waiting for the right moment and I feel this is it. I feel comfortable in naming myself as the head of this content staff.  It’s nice to meet all of you. My name is Brandon Myers. You can find my face plastered all over the internet. I’m not the gay pornstar, though he sure generates a lot of search traffic for me. Thanks Brandon if you see this!  

People have noticed that I like to build websites.  It’s led to some people knowing who I am even though I absolutely hate that as an introvert.  My success in affiliate marketing is document. It’s because of my attention to detail and feeling of moral responsibility.  People can always tell when you are writing something and you care. This is the most authentic thing you’ve read all day.

My openness with sexuality has driven some of the coolest relationships in my life, including the one with my wife of August 2nd.  Annotate that date.  

My company and my writers are paid by the minimal advertising we make on this site.  We occasionally get a kickback from our vendors for a free trial which we really appreciate.  That’s how this site works. For us it has to be more than money to work in a situation like this.  It’s proven to be uncomfortable at times. So i’m done hiding my identity. Everyone can know who I am. 

The Hijacking and Rebrand

 On August 1st, 2019, began seeing server issues as it came under a DDoS attack sourced overseas from our US based server.  After a quick restoration we were back online, but the damage was far from over. Whoever conducted this attack found a loophole in our system.  Login data was compromised and a backdoor entry to GoDaddy was exposed. On August 3rd, 2019 while I was on a flight across the Atlantic to celebrate my honeymoon and a country that finally let my international spouse and I marry, a site that we had worked on for 9 months straight, every day, was gone for $1,000.  It is now covered in spam, NSFW content, and general crap. It was one of the saddest days of our lives.  

Conclusions and Attitude Going Forward

We see injustices every day.  This time the injustice and theft was against us.  We were trying to speak out for what is right as a brand.  We still feel our work is important. We won’t quit even though rebuilding our presence will be a lot of work.  We never will.

Kink.Page is saddened that someone felt the need to do this to a sexual equality brand.  We are obviously disappointed to start back at 0 with our traffic and search listings, but we know this makes us better.  All hardships does. It’s what this brand is built on. 

Even with this recent hardship, we still really take this seriously.  If this had been about money, we would have quit the day after our honeymoon and divorced.  It’s that survival of hardship that brings us together. My wife, you, everyone.  

Heaven knows the minimal finances we were making could have been used right now.  They’ve dried up. We’re eating ramen and making more reviews. We’ll make it through.  We always do. Even with this hardship, we know it’s still imperative that we get back to work.  No one else will.

Stick with us even though you can’t find us on search and won’t be for a bit.  Though we are going through a reindexing, we are hopeful that google knows which site is which.  Kink.Page is the real entity now and it can’t be faked or taken from us as long as we never give up.  That’s only one real group who cares. There’s only one If you’re reading this, thank you for making what we do soo special over the last 9 months.  We’ll never stop fighting.

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